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What To Expect From A Family Law Practice

Divorce or a separation is never easy and usually stressful. It always helps that you are aware of what you can expect as well as how the processes will unfold. Here are some important information on what you should expect from a family law attorney collected from

The family law attorney that you have chosen should be knowledgeable and well versed when it Image result for lawyers will offer you with options for divorcecomes to Provincial and Federal Statutes, procedure governing family laws, and prevailing case practice and law.

Your lawyer will talk to you about:

– What are the reasons for your separation

– When there are children involved, child support and access or custody

– Entitlement, duration and the amount associated with spousal support

– The transfer or sale of the ownership on a matrimonial home

– Dividing properties such as investments, a cottage, along with:

– Any other types of issues that come about due to the breakdown associated with either a common-law relationship or marriage

You can also expect once you have decided to hire the attorney, to review as well as execute a Retainer Agreement. You will also be given a Memorandum that is detailed that gives you information of the procedures and practices of the Firm.

Due to the fact that matters in family law require disclosure that is substantial, your attorney will ask you for financial disclosure that is very specific, that will then be put into writing for you to reference.

As the matter progresses, the lawyer will be providing you with electronic copies in regard to all correspondence, reports, court documents, any legal research that is relevant along with any items that are disclosed.

This ensures that you always have full copies of what is going on in your file at all times. You will also be advised to make hard copies of all these documents and keep it in a binder along with tabs dedicated to the different document types for an easier reference.

Family lawyers also perform the duties of keeping you informed about everything that is going on in the case and discuss the different options available to you for a settlement along with the necessary strategies that will resolve any issues. These lawyers will offer you with options, yet you are still responsible for giving your lawyer instructions on how you would like to proceed.

When you are fortunate enough to resolve the matter amicably, your attorney will then draft up a separation agreement that will then be signed by your spouse and yourself. Your lawyer will then explain to you the terms of the separation agreement as well as what each term means for your situation.

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