How much do you really know about peanut butter? Take this challenge quiz and find out!


1) Which of these artists never recorded a song about peanut butter?A) Elvis Presley
B) Chubby Checker
C) Jimmy Buffett
D) The Olympics

2) Speaking of Elvis, what King-size feat of peanut butter excess did he once indulge in?

A) Depressed over marital difficulties with Priscilla, he got into a jewel-encrusted clawfoot bathtub in Graceland filled with peanut butter and refused to get out until the next morning.

B) Unhappy over the Beatles’ becoming more popular than he was, he ate 47 Elvis sandwiches in a row, necessitating his being rushed to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, where he had his stomach pumped. Afterwards, he thanked the emergency room staff by rendering an a capella version of “Love Me Tender.”

C) He and members of his entourage flew on his private jet from Memphis to Denver to dine on 22 Fool’s Gold Loaves, a monster sandwich made by a local restaurant consisting of bread hollowed out, spread thickly with peanut butter and blueberry jelly and filled with fried bacon. Plus drinks, of course. The order was delivered to them on the tarmac at Denver Airport. Price tag for the trip: $16,000.

D) When taken to the hospital shortly before his death in 1977, Presley got into a dispute with the head of nursing over his insistence that creamy peanut butter be infused into him by IV drip in order to build up his strength.

3) George Washington Carver:

A) invented peanut butter.
B) discovered hundreds of important uses for peanuts.
C) was a brilliant scientist who revolutionized Southern agriculture in the early 20th Century.
D) None of the above.

4) By law, peanut butter must contain a minimum of what percent of peanuts?

A) 95
B) 90
C) 87
D) 75

5) Which of these health risks have been associated with peanut butter?

A) obesity.
B) salmonella.
C) choking.
D) aflatoxin, a carcinogenic mold that grows on peanuts under conditions of drought stress.
E) allergies, including in their most severe form, anaphylactic shock, which can be fatal.
F) trans fats.
G) genetically modified organisms.
H) all of the above.

6) Question No. 5 notwithstanding, peanut butter is a healthy food for most people because:

A) It has a lot of plant protein.
B) It’s high in unsaturated fats (mostly mono-unsaturated, although there are some poly-unsaturated in there as well), which don’t raise your cholesterol level.
C) It’s rich in anti-oxidants.
D) It’s high in resveratrol, the chemical in wine that scientists think helps to ward off cancer.
E) All of the above.

7) Creamy or crunchy: Which is more popular?

8) Peanut butter is popular in all of these countries except for:

A) Haiti
B) Russia
C) Germany
D) Saudi Arabia

9) Peanuts are:

A) Nuts, like walnuts and cashews
B) Fruits, like bananas and apples
C) Vegetables, like spinach and broccoli
D) Legumes, like clover and alfalfa

10) Peanuts are native to:

A) Africa
B) Georgia
C) South America
D) Southeast Asia

11) On February 10, 2009, the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations held a hearing about the salmonella outbreak triggered by Stewart Parnell’s Peanut Corporation of America. PCA knowingly shipped contaminated peanut butter to schools, nursing homes and food manufacturers, causing nine deaths, more than 700 injuries and the largest food recall in American history. The hearing lasted for almost four hours and fifteen minutes. How long did Mr. Parnell testify?

A) Two hours
B) Three hours
C) Four hours
D) Six minutes

12) Of the major brands of peanut butter, which was the favorite of conservative political icon William F. Buckley Jr.?

A) Jif
B) Skippy
C) Peter Pan
D) Smart Balance

13-17) Which brand of peanut butter was originally manufactured in which city?

BRANDS: 13) Jif 14) Skippy 15) Peter Pan 16) Adams 17) Laura Scudders

CITIES: Alameda, Calif.; Tacoma, Wash.; Monterey Park, Calif.; Chicago; Lexington, Ky.

18) The four kinds of peanuts grown in the United States are:

A) Russet, Yukon Gold, Royal Jersey, and Yam
B) Navel, Valencia, Jaffa and Cara Cara
C) Runner, Virginia, Spanish and Valencia
D) Grouchy, Sneezy, Sleepy and Grumpy

19) Peanuts grow best in what kind of soil?

A) clay
B) alkaline
C) sandy loam
D) humus

20) True or False: President John F. Kennedy and his aides munched on peanut butter sandwiches during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, in which the United States and Soviet Union stood on the brink of nuclear war and global annihilation.

21) What well-known recording artist was in the habit of slathering their body with peanut butter during stage performances?

A) Iggy Pop
B) Marilyn Manson
C) Anne Murray
D) Lawrence Welk

22) In recent years, which brand of peanut butter has been subject to a recall because of actual or potential Salmonella contamination?

A) Peter Pan
B) Peanut Corporation of America
C) Smuckers
D) Trader Joe’s
E) All of them