Steps To Porcelain Tub Repair

If you have a porcelain tub, you already know how attractive the porcelain enamel can be. You also know how durable it is. However, it has one very unfortunate drawback, if you drop the wrong thing into your porcelain tub, you’re going to have to deal with porcelain tub repair.

There are several steps to take to repair your porcelain tub. You’ll want to make sure that you follow each step I have collected to one of the respected and trusted¬†porcelain tub repair new jersey based company carefully to ensure that you’re not going to have to do any further repairs.

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Step One

Thoroughly dry the chipped area of the tub. Most people use a hairdryer to ensure that it’s completely dry. This is to make sure that the repair compound will stick.

Step Two

Sand the area of the chip with a 220 grit sandpaper. Make sure that all of the edges are smooth. Be sure that you only sand the areas of the tub where the chip or chips are, you don’t want to scratch the rest of the tub.

Step Three

After you’ve completed your sanding,¬† you’ll want to clean the area. Use a cotton swab that has been dipped into rubbing alcohol. Allow the surface to completely dry to ensure that the repair compound will stick.

Step Four

Carefully mix the porcelain compound and the high-gloss based paint on a tile or some glass. Gently stir the mixture with your wooden dowel. Add in some color until you achieve the same color as the tubs porcelain surface.

Step Five

Gently scoop up a small amount of the compound with a putty knife. Apply this to the center of the chipped area and spread it out toward the edges. Gradually add in more of the compound until it completely reaches the edges. Scrape any excess compound off until the edges are flush with the surrounding area of the tub.

Step Six

Allow the compound to dry for 12 hours. Blend the edges with a cotton swab that has been dipped into acetone free nail polish remover.

After the compound has dried for 12 hours carefully check to ensure that it’s completely dry. Depending on how thickly you applied the repair compound, you may have to wait an additional few hours before use.

Enjoy your new, chipped free tub after completing your porcelain tub repairs. It’s easier than it looks and just about anyone can accomplish this task with the right tools.

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